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Useful Relationship Resource

th_book_icon Influencing with Integrity: Skills for Communication and Negotiation

by Genie Z. Laborde
Hardcover:  $24.95 (Over 150,000 Copies Sold!)

Your relationship happiness depends on the quality of your communication skills.

  • Understand other people’s nonverbal signals
  • Build rapport and earn attention, acceptance, and trust
  • Ask the “super questions” that provide you with high quality information
  • Use the verbal patterns to create clarity and understanding
th_e_book_icon Spellbinding – Skills for Relationships

by Genie Z. Laborde
E-Book: $24.95

Chemistry, luck, chance or dating sites may begin relationships, but communication decides whether the initial encounter turns into a mutually satisfying relationship or not. Longevity in relationships and for your life (see research) depends on communication skills. Here the newest, most powerful skills are spelled out, step by step.

th_e_book_icon Fine-Tune Your Brain

by Genie Z. Laborde
E-Book: $24.95

Are you keeping yourself back from achieving everything you want in life? You can change your own limiting mental patterns, and enjoy life like never before!

  • Erase fear
  • Un-plug the neurology of phobias
  • Increase daily pleasures
  • Be more adept
th_dvd_icon A Quick and Easy Solution to Potty Training Problems

by Genie Z. Laborde
DVD: $19.95