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2inSync is about helping you create mutually satisfying relationships in every aspect of your life. The quality of our relationships determines how happy we are. More than income and financial status. More than the place we live. More even, than our physical health!

We believe each of us has the ability, and responsibility, to improve the quality of our relationships. 2inSync’s mission is to give people the information and resources to learn the skills to cultivate positive, mutually satisfying relationships in every part of their lives.

The information and tools we provide are based on decades of research in the fields of psychology, communications, linguistics, systems theory, and confluent learning. By integrating and combining the learning from these diverse fields, you can gain the ability to

  • Enhance your understanding of your own perceptions and behavior patters
  • Communicate better through understanding visible signs of invisible thinking patterns in others
  • Become conscious of your personal maps and paradigms
  • See more and hear more in every interaction
  • Build rapport for the beginning, the middle and the . . . Who Knows