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Jill Taylor’s Insights About the Brain Change Everything

Recently, I did a presentation on the effect on me of of Dr. Jill Taylor’s stroke and her analysis of what went on in her brain during this catastrophic event. Her words changed my perception forever..or at least for the rest of this life time. The idea that the right brain processes information in a parallel manner (all data all at once) while the left brain organizes data sequentially has me almost shivering with excitement.

Of course, she’s right, and this explains many of the mysteries about how we act as we do. It is quite simple really. No, it’s not simple. It only seems to be at first glance. You might say that all the good stuff about humans (hope, spiritual insights, morality, kindness, connection, compassion, co-operation) resides in right brain processing, but that, of course is not true. It takes the left brain to carry out these impulses (even though the left brain is full of fear, jealousy, lies, deceit, immoral behavior, justification, etc). Actually, we need both brains working to be fully functional. It would be nice if most of our energy was funneled to the right brain. Or we evenly balanced both sides of our different brains. Freud was wrong in his divisions. It is left brain, right brain all the way. Watch Dr. Jill’s video again.

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