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Incorrect Information From An “Expert”
Incorrect Information From An “Expert”... I’ve been collecting tales of experts being wrong for some time, so this is not the first one.  In fact, in each of my seminars I recount a true story about walking down a hotel corridor in Chicago and hearing a voice coming through an open door, “So if someone is looking up to the right, they are lying.”  This was a seminar leader teaching a class with incorrect information.  I thought of sticking...
Fix Any Glitch in Your Behavior
Fix Any Glitch in Your Behavior... Care to Fix any Glitch in Your Behavior? SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! That sound could be your dendrites as they make new habits of thinking, erasing old behaviors that are no longer useful to you.  Behaviors like anxiety and procrastination.  At the same time, these  old connections are being replaced with peace  and even, joy.  It is all in knowing how. Simple shifts in the chemicals you are manufacturing for  your thinking...
Quick Skills For Relationships – Skill Three
Quick Skills For Relationships – Skill Three... Key Principle Three Rapport is essential for agreements and ongoing relationships. New Behavior Three Awareness of Rapport and non-rapport signals and strategies to change non-rapport will improve your relationship.